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My shop is very basic. No big equipment, no AC, no heat and just a gravel floor. During the summer I work at night to avoid the heat and during the winter...well during the winter I freeze. It is way out in the country, a former tractor repair shed. It's quiet and peaceful and I have just the room I need for myself, my dog Presley and some basic tools.

Jeff Hackney Design Studio
Spectacle by Jeff Hackney

“From living among the ruins in Mexico, to building ice bridges near the Arctic Circle, I have always been drawn to the sculptural element. The elegance of structure and scale found in everything from man-made monoliths like the Golden Gate Bridge to natural wonders like a spider web, have informed my view of the world as long as I can remember.

The same curiosity that led me to stack stones and blocks as a child, pushes me to explore the limits of design and materials in new ways.

To my way of thinking, everything in the world no matter how complex is always made up of simple structures.  Part of what defines art for me is the challenge of simplicity in design as well as construction.  To be able to build art simply, using few and the most basic of tools, allows me to form a connection and listen to, the materials I’m working with. Creating artwork becomes a conversation.

I give the viewer a glimpse of the conversation, but ultimately, it is the viewer who finishes the story.


"A great sculpture can roll down a hill without breaking"

Michelangelo Buonarroti

Need Bigger Hammer Artist Jeff Hackney
Presley, the best sculptor's helper.
Presley a/k/a/ "Gratefulest"
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